Celebration In Order As Madonna's Son Joins Benfica Academy

Celebration In Order As Madonna's Son Joins Benfica Academy

Have you recently been wondering where Madonna is and how she is getting on?

Well, if you are not among the 12 or so million people who follow her on Twitter and Instagram, she has been checking in - every 3 or 4 minutes really.

Recent jaunts to Lisbon have been getting everybody curious as to what the multi, multi-million selling-album singer has been up to so many Miles Away from home.

Having now bought a house in Lisbon, it has been announced that David Banda (11) - Madonna's adopted son from Malawi - has joined the Benfica academy.

Not since her Super Bowl performance of 2012 has Madonna and the world of professional sport collided in such a manner.

But let's not get too Hung Up on making this funny. As this demonstration of the young player's skill shows, his introduction to the prestigious academy will be no Holiday.


Lisbon has recently enjoyed something of a socio-cultural renaissance recently, and, staying as she is in the ancient region of Sintra, Madonna and her family will undoubtedly get Into The Groove of life in Lisbon quite quickly.

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Arthur James O'Dea

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