Quiz: Name The Only Player From These 20 Countries To Play In The Champions League Final

Quiz: Name The Only Player From These 20 Countries To Play In The Champions League Final

The world's best footballing nations contribute players to Champions League finals year in year out - to the point that it would be weird to watch a Champions League final without any English, French, or Brazilian players. The subject of our quiz today is the countries who have only had one representative in the Champions League final.

Since the European Cup became the Champions League in the 1992-93 season, there have been 20 countries that have contributed one player and one player only to the annals of Champions League finalists.

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We've laid out the nationalities of these Champions League finalists, and the finals that they played in, in the quiz below - your task is to name the players in question.

The quiz comes with one condition: the player had to actually get on to the pitch during the final in question. So, even though Japanese player Takashi Usami was on the bench for Bayern in 2012, there is no Japanese entry in this quiz, as he wasn't subbed on during the final in Munich.

You have ten minutes here. Some are easier than others, so don't hang around!

Best of luck!


Champions League quiz: Name the only finalist from these 20 countries

If the quiz does not display correctly, you can take it here. Best of luck!

Champions League quiz

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