Chris O'Dowd Once Had A Surreal Experience with JJ Abrams & Ireland Football Team

Chris O'Dowd Once Had A Surreal Experience with JJ Abrams & Ireland Football Team

When Ireland are playing in a major tournament, the whole country stops to watch the game.

Streets are empty, offices come to a stop and there won't be a tap of work done for the full 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, those living outside the country probably don't have quite the same luxuries in bunking off work to watch the match. That is especially true if you are involved in a blockbuster Hollywood production.

Speaking to The Anfield Wrap on their Cup Of Tea podcast, Chris O'Dowd recalled how he was forced to miss a big Ireland due to a filming commitment. Instead, he was getting constant updates from JJ Abrams.

I remember doing a scene, it wasn't a Liverpool game it was the [Euros], an Ireland match.

I was doing this sci-fi movie with JJ Abrams. We had to shoot this scene because people needed to leave, so he was the one calling through the penalty.

(He was) looking at it on his phone and somebody would go 'cut', then he would shout that Ireland had scored...

I'm sure he remembers it as fondly as I do.


We've done a little digging here and it seems Chris may have got his wires crossed on a couple of details.

The move in question was The Cloverfield Paradox, which was filmed in the summer of 2016. That of course coincided with Ireland's participation in Euro 2016, so the Roscommon man may have been referring to Robbie Brady's penalty against France.

Either way, the thought of JJ Abrams being glued to every kick of the ball from Robbie Brady and Wes Hoolahan fills us with joy.

We presume the Star Wars director will be incorporating Robbie Brady's heroics in that tournament into one of his upcoming big money releases.

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