Chris Sutton's Feud With TalkSPORT's Adrian Durham Ends In Childish Shouting Match

Chris Sutton's Feud With TalkSPORT's Adrian Durham Ends In Childish Shouting Match

You may be familiar with Talksport's bloviator-in-chief Adrian Durham, the radio host who once fielded an extremely angry call from Jamie Carragher, who objected to his being called a "bottler".  Carragher ultimately tried to convince him to come down to Melwood (Liverpool's training ground) to see who the real bottler is.

Undeterred, Durham has continued to slag people off, and has a slot on his show which is entertainingly called "Head's Gone", in which he deconstructs at great length something he disagrees with.

Chris Sutton found himself in the Durham crosshairs this week, with the radio host taking exception to this tweet after Arsenal's humiliation against Bayern:

Durham immediately overreacted to the tweet, suggesting that Sutton was "better than that":


Durham delivered on his promise, and gave a four-minute outraged monologue against Sutton. You can listen to it in full below:

If you didn't fancy listening to Durham (and we can't blame you if that's the case), here are a few of the highlights from the transcript, as Durham took a single tweet and turned it into something entirely different:

There’s so much wrong with this comment from Chris Sutton. Celtic are by far the best team Scotland has – that’s the best Scotland has to offer. Judging the standard of that league by Celtic’s performances is kind of misleading but for Chris Sutton’s benefit, we’ll do it....

In the state they’re in now, are Arsenal representative of what the premier league has to offer? Of course not.

Most people realise this apart from Chris Sutton.But Celtic are top and the best they’ve been in years so that’s clearly the best Scotland can offer. Yip, they lost 1-0 to the Lincoln Red Imps of Gibraltar this season.

Now Sutton’s forgotten this because of all the hammerings dished out to Motherwell and Ross County, which mean more I suppose. What he’s forgetting is the fourth best team in England last season [Manchester City] got to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

He’s also forgetting a team fighting relegation from the Premier League [Leicester] got further than Celtic in the Champions League this season....

A tweet is a short hit to win fans, to get Celtic fans behind you. Real analysis takes a bit more than a tweet! Can we go on individual games? I wouldn’t but I mentioned Lincoln Red Imps because Sutton forgot it. If you think drawing twice with Man City proves Celtic are as good as Man City, you go with that.

Does it prove Celtic are as good as Inverness as they drew with them? Losing in Gibraltar, does that mean they’re worse than the Lincoln Red Imps?

Of course not, ignore individual games for this argument. If Arsenal were ripping up the Premier League, Arsene Wenger was top dog and all was well, Sutton would have a point.

But he’s failed to do his homework on what’s going on at Arsenal so the argument’s laughable.

Sutton hit back on twitter:


And it has escalated from there...


But finally, the two lads got it on earlier this afternoon, and Sutton took him apart. Durham seemed to read an awful lot into that tweet, and Sutton made that point on air, before the whole thing descended into a strange shouting match:


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