Chris Sutton Slams Celtic And Brendan Rodgers For Their Treatment Of Moussa Dembele

Chris Sutton Slams Celtic And Brendan Rodgers For Their Treatment Of Moussa Dembele

Celtic legend and current pundit Chris Sutton has slammed his former club and their boss Brendan Rodgers for the way they have treated star striker Moussa Dembele.

For tonight's clash between Partick Thistle and Celtic, Dembele was left out of the squad. Earlier this week assistant manager, Chris Davies told the Sun that Dembele wanted out of the club.

I think time has gone on, and obviously there has been interest in him. It’s a feeling now that, of course, he’s our player and we’re happy for him to be here – and we know what he can do. But there is also an acceptance that maybe Moussa feels it is the right time for him to move on. And when a player feels that way, then, there is not an awful lot of point in stopping them – unless you really have to. So that’s kind of how it’s evolved.

Speaking on BT Sport prior to tonight's game, Sutton said 'It sounds to me like Celtic want to sell him. I have great sympathy for Dembele. I think some of the things said about him are unfair and I'd go as far as to say are out of order.'

When have we ever heard Moussa Dembele say 'I want to leave Celtic'? My understanding is that Moussa Dembele is very happy at Celtic and wants to remain there for the rest of the season. Brendan Rodgers talks about his head being turned. In fairness since he's been 16 years old at PSG there's always been speculation about him he's one of the brightest young prospects in France.

Since he's been at Celtic there's been great talk about him. He destroyed Manchester City in the Champions League. I really feel sorry for him and the treatment of him has been out of order. The other thing is - if this is your prize asset and you are talking about him in these terms and questioning his attitude then all you are doing is devaluing him is it not?

Sutton also questioned the logic of Celtic's approach.


If you are a potential suitor down south and you want to buy Moussa Dembele and you are talking about losing focus and his head being turned are you going to want to pay £30m?

The 21-year-old is undeniably an extremely talented striker and has been linked with several Premier League clubs including Brighton and Newcastle, although there is no doubt Celtic will set a high asking price for their prized asset.

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