"He's A Choker" - Chris Sutton Lays Into "Uninspiring Captain" Theo Walcott

"He's A Choker" - Chris Sutton Lays Into "Uninspiring Captain" Theo Walcott

Arsenal's 0-0 draw with Red Star Belgrade on Thursday night was the type of game that would leave fans of the club wondering why they bother with the Europa League at all.

With so little to discuss in terms of incidents and action on the pitch, it gave the pundits tasked with working the game - whatever station they were on - a difficult night to find anything at all to mention in the post-match analysis.

That said, there were no such problems for Chris Sutton on Eir Sport, as he laid into Arsenal captain Theo Walcott for offering so little a match where he would have been one of the most recognisable players on the pitch.

The former Celtic and Chelsea striker labelled Walcott a 'choker' for his apparent unwillingness to demand possession, and suggested that Arsenal players must be uninspired by him as their captain.

He hasn't improved anywhere near enough. He burst onto the scene at Southampton and I think he's flattered to deceive for years.

And, how uninspiring must it be for the Arsenal players seeing him, as captain, leading you? He's not captain material. The 10 other players are far more captain material than him.

I'm really disappointed with him, he's a choker, he doesn't want to show for the ball.


The little grin from Gary Breen, he knew Sutton was onto something good.

To be fair, he has a point. The stagnation of Walcott's career has been so dramatic that you could forgive a fan of the Premier League for forgetting he still played for the club. In terms of captaincy, too, the England international does not come across as the type to give his teammates a morale-boosting speech or a kick up the backside.

His potential was unquestionable in his early days at Arsenal, but he has not hit the heights expected of him and now finds himself well outside of the first-team picture at The Emirates.

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