Former Irish International Morrison Speaks Absolute Sense On UEFA Racism Stance

Former Irish International Morrison Speaks Absolute Sense On UEFA Racism Stance

Former Irish international Clinton Morrison has hit out at UEFA's stance on racist behaviour after England's 6-0 Euro 2020 qualifier win over Bulgaria in Sofia was stopped twice due to racist chanting.

Six fans have been arrested after a section of home fans could be heard subjecting black England players to racist abuse. Both the FA and UEFA have condemned the actions.

The stadium was already subject to a partial closure for this match after similar behaviour during qualifiers against Kosovo and the Czech Republic.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Morrison suggested more severe sentences are required. As far as he is concerned, full bans are a necessary punishment.

This protocol thing, I don't buy into it. Getting three stages, it is a load of rubbish as far as I am concerned. Three stages? If I am in a normal work job and someone is racist to me, I am going to report it to the manager. The manager is not going to give them three chances and then say 'I will deal with it the third time.' The first time you are racist to me, you should be out of here. It is no different to football.

I was watching at home, no word of a lie, my stomach was turning. I was angry. I was proper angry.

"It is UEFA, they are the biggest problem. They have to sort it out and ban the country. I don't care what anyone says, if they agree or disagree with me, I am passionate about this. They deserve to get banned."

Bulgaria manager Krasimir Balakov said after the game he "didn't hear" any chanting, something which Morrison finds difficult to understand.


"Another thing that does my head in, the manager comes out after. He was at the game and says he didn't hear anything. He is lying!"

Balakov has since posted a statement on Facebook apologising and acknowledging Monday's incident.

"I condemn all forms of racism as an unacceptable behaviour that contradicts normal human relations," he said.

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