UCD Manager Has Every Right To Be Pissed Off Over League Structure

UCD Manager Has Every Right To Be Pissed Off Over League Structure

It's no secret, the League of Ireland has been in need of restructuring for quite some time now. The First Division in particular has came under scrutiny for the lack of prosperity - attracting the unwanted title of the 'Graveyard of Irish football'.

What was required was a structure which guaranteed the stability of clubs to further prevent the real possibility of administration knocking on the door.  There is no quick fix but the 'solution' implemented by the FAI may prove detrimental to the progression of certain clubs.

Both the Premier and First Division will now contain ten teams each from the 2018 season onwards, resulting in three teams being relegated from the former this season. As a result only one team will gain promotion this season which may have huge impact on Collie O'Neill's UCD as they attempt to clamber their way to the top flight.

The UCD manager spoke to The Irish Sun on the matter;

It’s fucking ridiculous.

You could be pushing clubs over the cliff. How do you allow that to happen?

I knew at the end of last year what way we were going, it makes no difference to us because crowds-wise, we’re not exactly pulling them in.


Respective members of the League of Ireland First Division clubs have came together to discuss the possibility of having promotion playoff among the top three teams - ensuring some form of competitiveness come the end of the season in October.The motion may be presented to the FAI before the opening fixtures in less than a months time.

Collie O'Neill has every right to be pissed off over the league structure but if history has told us anything, it's that those pleas fail to be heard in Abbottstown.

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Darren Holland

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