Watch: Professional Actor Critiques Arsenal Fan TV's Post Match Interviews

Watch: Professional Actor Critiques Arsenal Fan TV's Post Match Interviews

NBC football show Men In Blazers welcomed Selma actor David Oyelowo to the studio yesterday. Oyelowo, who was controversially snubbed for an Oscar nomination for his performance as Martin Luther King in the 2014 fillm, was asked by hosts Roger Bennett and Michael Davies to analyse the acting performances of the regulars of Arsenal Fan TV post match interviews.

Up first was Troopz who was commended for his ability to convey emotion despite having to act through his coat. DT was next up and dropped the line, "Maybe I love this club too much!," which Oyelowo was impressed with: "I love the self analysis".

When asked who he thought was deserving of the Oscar, the Interstellar actor plumped for Troopz: "I still think acting through a coat is pretty difficult so I'm gonna go with our first guy".

Watch the entire segment below:


While b*nter at the expense of Arsenal fans has reached an all time high with their recent run of bad form,  Men In Blazers, accidentally or otherwise, have highlighted what has become more and more evident that Arsenal Fan TV for better or for worse is more about entertainment than meaningful analysis.

Granted, with post match fan interviews regularly going viral and a handsome sponsorship deal with betting company Ladbrokes, I doubt the people behind the channel will mind being the whipping boys of online football.

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Eoin Lyons

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