Cyrus Christie Issues Angry Response To Fans Who Mocked Him For Recent Interview

Cyrus Christie Issues Angry Response To Fans Who Mocked Him For Recent Interview

Cyrus Christie is not short on confidence these days. After giving a positive interview to  The Irish Sun on Friday we're sure the last thing he expected was to have his own fans taking the mick out of him.

Despite it being quite a lengthy interview largely based on Christie's uncle Errol, who was a prominent boxer in Britain during the 80s, Derby fans latched on to one quote.

I feel that I’m one of the best full-backs in that league and, on my day, I think I am the best.

That's a confident line from the 24-year-old but just one in a section of the interview where he's realistic about his situation at Derby. Since Gary Rowett took over at the club in mid-March, Christie dropped out of the first team, making just two starts during the new manager's reign. Christie knows he may have to adapt and is willing to do so.

Still, fans could not help but criticise the Ireland international.


Christie didn't take too well to the criticism from fans, and on Saturday took to Twitter to offer his rebuttal.

He was since deleted his Twitter account.

Apologies for having some self belief astonishing to see so many of my own fans/supporters abuse me who clearly didn't want to read the article properly and brush over a lot of the positives that was said within it and just want to assume my attitude is bad and that I'm arrogant.
Yet don't know me personally or see the effort and work I put in on a day to day basis and show the willingness to learn and get better.

Not once have I stated I'm the finished article and am far from being that and have a lot to do and work on.

Most Derby fans replied with sympathy for the defender although the tweet was still met with some criticism by some supporters who felt his comments were off the mark.

Let's just hope this hasn't distracted him too much for the game against Austria next week.

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Gavin O'Callaghan

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