The Daily Mail Javier Hernandez Rumour Circle

The Daily Mail Javier Hernandez Rumour Circle

The Daily Mail published a story on its website last night about Javier Hernandez leaving Manchester United for Juventus this summer.

daily mail javier hernandez

It seems plausible.  He's a good player who can score goals but isn't always first choice for his manager.  The Juventus move for Nicolas Bendtner shows that they aren't afraid to take a punt on an English Premier League striker who spends more time on bench than on field.  So the story may be true but have you ever wondered how stories like this come about?  The good people over at Sports Witness can tell the story of how a rumour grows (read from the bottom up).

daily mail javier hernandez

Here's the exact line from the Daily Mail report titled "Anderson set for Man United exit while others could follow in Old Trafford clear-out";


Other players who could leave Old Trafford in the summer are Paul Scholes, who may retire again, and Javier Hernandez as the Mexican forward wants to start more games.

So that's how a throw away line by one journalist (Paul Collins) can be twisted and then reported as fact by another journalist (Graeme Yorke) in the same newspaper and the Daily Mail Javier Hernandez rumour circle becomes complete in only five days.

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