Norwich Boss Not Happy With Tzolis Over Nabbing Penalty From Idah

Norwich Boss Not Happy With Tzolis Over Nabbing Penalty From Idah

Norwich were knocked out of the League Cup after a 3-0 defeat to Liverpool at Carrow Road on Tuesday evening. Liverpool opened the scoring after just four minutes through Takumi Minamino.

Norwich had chances to equalise in the first half, a penalty, saved by Caoimhín Kelleher, was especially gilt-edged.

The penalty was missed by Christos Tzolis. Though, he was not the player Norwich manager Daniel Farke had designated to take the spot kicks. It should have been Ireland international Adam Idah who took the kick.

"Christos was not the first on the teamsheet," Farke said during the post-match press conference.

"He created the situation, but then he got too greedy. It was a naive mistake from a young player.

"Everyone on the pitch got the feeling, 'Oh, he's having a good performance, and he has a fantastic strike, and he's scored penalties in his career'. If he's confident, we allow him to take this penalty. But, if you do this, you have to make sure that you score. Otherwise, you are in trouble.

"When you work with young players, you have to accept that they are out there with unbelievable naiveness.


"I've spoken with him. One thing is for sure, he will never ever make this mistake in his life again. That's definitely for sure."

daniel farke adam idah Christos Tzolis penalty norwich

Farke added that it's important that the 19-year-old is not hung out to dry.

Norwich boss Farke 'not happy' with Tzolis

"He was over-excited and we all know what he is capable of, but discipline and sticking to what is planned is also important," said Farke.

"I was not happy. In our conversation, I have made it crystal clear. It is also important we don’t bury him alive.

"I was a striker and I have taken penalties I was not supposed to take. I even missed a penalty in that situation, but I had to pay the record fine in my whole career. I lost my head a little bit. I never made that mistake again.

"It is no guarantee a different player scores or even if Christos scored I would have still punished him after the game. It is a tough conversation for a young guy. He doesn’t want that again.

"It cost us maybe a place in the next round. He will learn from this."

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daniel farke adam idah Christos Tzolis penalty norwich

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