David Beckham Gives The British Public The Best Reason To Vote Remain - Roy Keane

David Beckham Gives The British Public The Best Reason To Vote Remain - Roy Keane

The British electorate are an odd bunch when viewed from this side of the water. For one, the seemingly bizarre nature of the media jostling for political position in the lead up to a landmark vote is something that can be a bit difficult to get your head around at times. The Mail wants you Leave, the Sunday Mail wants you to Remain, the Times wants Remain, the Sunday Times says Leave (or something along those lines).

But, in reality, does anyone take any notice of what media says anymore, it's a load of nonsense really. What people really want to know is how David Beckham is voting. That may sound sarcastic and it was but, to be fair to Beckham, he (or possibly a well spoken PR representative) has offered a rather coherent argument as to why he's voting Remain in this week's Brexit referendum.

The 'Leave' side will no doubt deride him as nothing more than an ignorant footballer who should stay well away from such crucial decisions but Beckham makes some very interesting arguments for the British public to stay within the EU. Not least of all, the one defining argument that will almost certainly swing the referendum in favour of Remain. Roy Keane.


Granted, he makes some other valid points and mentions some other decent footballers but essentially his statement could have been as simple as 'Roy Keane.' and it would have the same powerful effect.

I'm passionate about my country and whatever the result of Thursday's referendum, we will always be Great. Each side has the right to their opinion and that should always be respected whatever the outcome of the European Referendum. I played my best years at my boyhood club, Manchester United. I grew up with a core group of young British players that included Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville Brothers. Added to that was an experienced group of older British players such as Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce and Paul Ince.

Now that team might have gone on to win trophies but we were a better and more successful team because of a Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, the leadership of an Irishman Roy Keane and the skill of a Frenchman in Eric Cantona.

I was also privileged to play and live in Madrid, Milan and Paris with teammates from all around Europe and the world. Those great European cities and their passionate fans welcomed me and my family and gave us the opportunity to enjoy their unique and inspiring cultures and people.

We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a people we are strong. For our children and their children we should be facing the problems of the world together and not alone.

For these reasons I am voting to Remain.

So stick around Britain and soon Ireland may develop another player of Roy Keane's calibre so that we can export him over again, free of any trade barriers. It's only a matter of time. Probably.

Gary Reilly

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