The Reason Why David Beckham Prefers Rugby To Football

The Reason Why David Beckham Prefers Rugby To Football

This is exactly the sort of thing that rugby wanted to hear. The tophats in World Rugby will be creaming themselves at the Times interview that revealed that David Beckham prefers to watch rugby over football.

Such was the popularity and success of the recent Rugby World Cup, Beckham has admitted he prefers watching rugby. Why? The fans.

I love rugby — I love watching it and I love the whole thing. I have enjoyed going to Twickenham more than I have enjoyed watching football.

The difference between the two sports is the attitude of the fans, says Beckham. Rugby fans aren't segregated when attending games, and Beckham remembers "feeling uneasy" when going to Manchester United and Spurs games as a boy.

Football is so powerful, because it matters so much to people.


It seems strange that the example Beckham sighted was rugby played at Twickenham from the World Cup, where the fans decided to ring "Swing Low" around the stadium every five minutes in every game that didn't include England.

Either way, does this mean that rugby is better than football? No, but it's interesting to note the increasing amount of football figures highlighting differences between the two sports and how both sports can learn from each other.


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