David Meyler To Challenge Jordan Henderson To A Footrace Over FIFA 18 Rating

David Meyler To Challenge Jordan Henderson To A Footrace Over FIFA 18 Rating

David Meyler is not a happy man.

Despite putting in a cracking shift for Ireland in an otherwise disappointing performance against Serbia last week, and the fact that FIFA 18 is just around the corner, the Cork native was absolutely disgusted to find out that the powers that be at EA Sports had given him a downgrade in the new game, from 72 last year to a 69 overall.

The fact that Meyler found this out on live TV wouldn't have helped things, but the Hull City man is not letting this one go anytime soon, and is even willing to prove that he is at the very least faster than what they say he is.

Meyler, along with other FIFA YouTube stars and ourselves at, was invited to the FIFA 18 Capture Event that took place in London earlier this week. While filming a 'pack opening' video for his channel, Meyler made a promise to his viewers that if his video reached 10,000 likes, he would make his good friend Jordan Henderson race him, as the Liverpool man is rated much quicker than Meyler.

You can see Meyler issue the challenge from 9:45 in the video below, although he does pull Pele from a pack first if you're interested in that too.


The big problem I have is my pace.

Jordan Henderson, my good friend, known him a long time, we played together for years at Sunderland, he's got three-star skills, I'll give him that, work-rates are the same, now... His pace is 72.

My pace is 54. He is not 18 faster than me. So guys, if this video reaches 10,000 likes, I'm going to get Jordan to have a race with me to prove that my pace is higher than 54. So either his pace is coming down, or my pace is going up.

This isn't the first time Meyler has voiced his displeasure at having his pace underrated.

Last season after Meyler marked Man Utd attacker Marcus Rashford, he mentioned in a video that it was ridiculous that he was 37 points lower in pace rating than the teenager.

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At this moment in time Meyler's video is currently sitting at 25,000 likes, well above the target to get the race with Henderson.

We're looking forward to it.

Mikey Traynor

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