Denis Irwin Slags Richard Dunne For Being Woeful At Hurling & Gaelic Football

Denis Irwin Slags Richard Dunne For Being Woeful At Hurling & Gaelic Football

Richard Dunne is many things; a hero, a warrior, a blocker of Russian attacks, but a decent GAA player he is absolutely not.

Many Irish footballers and rugby players credit a childhood full of hurling and Gaelic football experience as part of the reason for their success, but after a clip aired by Eir Sport in the build up to Ireland vs Uruguay, it became clear that Richard Dunne is not one of those players.

At a promo for Eir Sport's new Chromecast partnership earlier in the week, Dunne was tasked with hitting a sliotar through a tire and kicking a point, and he struggled greatly to do both.

Naturally, this disgusted proud Corkman Denis Irwin, who claimed Dunne never would have survived growing up in the Rebel County.

You wouldn't have survived going up in Cork, you know that?


One handed, Dunney? Really?

Of course we'll let him off for his services in a green shirt, but it's very clear that Richard Dunne didn't spent any time in Tallaght's GAA clubs as a young lad.

Irwin on the other hand is a man of many talents, including being a youth chess champion among other things.

Damien Duff claimed recently that every manager he played under singled out Dunne as a weakness for his inability to move, something that Duff thought was wildly incorrect and described big Rich as the fastest defender he'd ever seen, but it's clear that he got to where he did without being blessed with natural sporting ability.

More credit to him for that.

Mikey Traynor

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