Gary Lineker Comes Good On His Match Of The Day Pants Promise

Gary Lineker Comes Good On His Match Of The Day Pants Promise

Say what you will about him but Gary Lineker is a man of his word.

You have all heard the story by now but midway through last season as Leicester City first found themselves at the summit of the Premier League, Match of the Day host (and former Leicester striker) Gary Lineker promised that, if Leicester did indeed win the league, he would present the first episode of this season's Match of the Day in his jocks.

Well, today was judgement day. He had referenced today's show on social media several times but as the red light was about to go on, would Lineker actually follow through with his promise and derobe on national television? Did he ever!


Opening the show standing front and centre of the set, with a chuckling Ian Wright and Alan Shearer right behind him, Lineker was wearing a rather fetching white number with the Leicester City crest emblazoned on it. It's also pretty clear to see that the former England striker had been hitting the gym pretty hard since the moment the Foxes won the league. And if you think he was cheating by wearing what are essentially football shorts, you have to ask yourself if you really wanted to watch Gary Lineker in his y-fronts throughout Match of the Day.

Fair play to you, Gary.

John Balfe

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