Didi Hamann Defends His His Criticism Of Jurgen Klopp

Didi Hamann Defends His His Criticism Of Jurgen Klopp

Today's Sunday Times featured an interview with Didi Hamann by Jonathan Northcroft. Hamann was critical of Liverpool's decision to give Jurgen Klopp an extension to his contract just nine months after he arrived at the club on a three-year deal. Hamann called it 'absolute madness', highlighting Liverpool defeats in two finals as reasons to temper expectations regarding Klopp.

Hamann was on the BBC today, along with his interviewer, and further addressed his opinions regarding Klopp. Hamann said that Klopp has had an impact at Liverpool and some players have improved during his time at the club. He also commended him for bringing some 'common sense' to a city which usually only sees things in black or white.

Hamann rejected suggestions that giving Klopp a six-year contract would bring stability. He believes that comes from making intelligent moves in the transfer market.

If you look at the pure facts, I don't think the points average improved dramatically, if anything, from Brendan Rodgers. You get to two finals, you lose two finals. I think both, could have, should have been won, especially the second one against Sevilla. That would have had a huge impact because they would have got into the Champions League.

Then you make a decision with your heart and not your head and extend the contract for another four years. People talk about stability, you don't get stability by giving people a six-year contract. You get stability by being smart in the transfer market.

Hamann believes Liverpool's work in the transfer market under Klopp has not been smart. Though he likes James Milner, Hamann highlighted the failure to acquire a long-term left-back replacement for the disappointing Alberto Moreno as a fault.


If you don't fancy the left-back, you've got to bring a left-back in during the summer. Gomez was injured. Milner plays there, he's a great team player, a great player have around the place. But he can't play with Milner all the time at left-back.

A new keeper was brought in, he hasn't really function so Mignolet has been brought back in. My biggest worry with Liverpool is that they're too soft in centre-midfield. They need a holding midfielder.

I watching them against Chelsea. They had two proper players in Kante and Matic. In Liverpool, I don't see enough structure and purpose. This is why they are in the position they are in at the moment.

You can watch Hamann on the BBC below.

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