Watch: Didier Deschamps Tears It Up In 5-A-Side Game With French Team

Watch: Didier Deschamps Tears It Up In 5-A-Side Game With French Team

What may be described as a fairly accomplished footballer in his own right, Didier Deschamps is nevertheless almost two decades removed from his playing-career.

Footage emerging from within France's training camp would seem to suggest, however, that the former Juventus man has a little bit about him.

A World Cup-winning captain with France in 1998, the French manager can also look back on a career that saw him claim winners medals in the European Championships, Champions League, the FA Cup and a whole lost of league titles in France and Italy.

Although Eric Cantona infamously labelled him the "water-carrier" who makes the life of a truly great player that bit easier, you're unlikely to have enjoyed the kind of career Deschamps had (103 caps for France, to begin with) if you didn't have a little something about you.

Mixing it up with players about half his age (about 30 years separate him and Kylian Mbappe), Didier Deschamps was all silky touch and hard-tackling in this training kick-about however.


With last year's World Cup win in Russia undoubtedly easing the pressure on an international manager with more high-profile players at his disposal than he knows what to do with, they certainly seem to have some fun in the French camps.

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