Chelsea Worry That Diego Costa Is Too Fat To Sell...Judging By His Instagram Account

Chelsea Worry That Diego Costa Is Too Fat To Sell...Judging By His Instagram Account

As Chelsea celebrated last season's league title at the Hawthorns, Diego Costa grabbed a microphone during an interview with Antonio Conte, and roared 'Diego is No 1! Diego loves you!". Through gritted teeth, Conte replied, "Yes, Diego. I love you too".

The love dissipated quickly, as within a few days Conte had texted Costa to say he was no longer wanted at Stamford Bridge. Costa then promptly went on the piss for the summer, which included a night out in an Atletico Madrid jersey - a not-so-subtle statement as to where he wants to play his football. Given that Atleti are barred from making any transfers until next year, Costa might have a bit of time off, and according to a report in The Times, he's been enjoying the downtime afforded to him thus far.

There has been a spectacular breakdown in communication between Costa and Chelsea, to the extent that he hasn't been turning up to training as his lawyer has threatened legal action to force a return to the Calderon. With zero communication with the club, the only way the club have been able to check up on their striker has been via Instagram.

We're guessing Chelsea are worried about images Costa has posted to his Instagram story, because he doesn't look particularly chunky below:


The report states that "Costa has a history of returning for the new season out of shape and Chelsea are worried that any added bulk will be used by Atletico to justify a lower bid", as the forward threatens to sue the club for constructive dismissal.

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