Watch: Dimitar Berbatov's Commentary Over His Goals Is Our New Favourite Thing

Watch: Dimitar Berbatov's Commentary Over His Goals Is Our New Favourite Thing

Dimitar Berbatov is as effortlessly and eternally cool as you might expect from a man who learned how to speak English by watching The Godfather.

Berbatov's latest installment in his Chronicles of Cool was posted to his Instagram page this week, as he has started to provide some alternative commentary on some of his favourite career goals.

He chose three of his favourite Monaco goals, the first of which came in their infamous Champions League win over Arsenal.

I always love scoring against Arsenal. In this game, they underestimated us a lot, they thought they were the better team. They suffered for that. We had great players in our team: Martial, Fabinho, Carrasco, James. It's a team goal. Fabinho takes the ball in our half, and with one pass takes out four Arsenal players. The ball goes to Martial, who starts running. He can easily try and go past Koscielny because he is so quick and powerful.

But he decided to give it to me, which is obviously a good decision because after the game I was going to fucking scream at him.

So he gives it to me, and I see the three defenders running at me like crazy. But I wasn't worried, because I knew I was going to score.

There are another two in the video below. Berbatov said that he would keep it up if the reaction is good, and let's hope he sticks to his word and we get to hear him talk about his partnership with Robbie Keane and that bit of skill against West Ham.


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