Watch: Dimitar Berbatov Had Great Praise For Robbie Keane On Goals On Sunday

Watch: Dimitar Berbatov Had Great Praise For Robbie Keane On Goals On Sunday

For two seasons at Spurs between 2006 and 2008, Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov built one of the most fruitful relationships in the Premier League.

Speaking on Goals on Sunday this morning, guest Dimitar Berbatov discussed why it worked so well on the pitch between him and the former Ireland captain.

We had a great relationship with him. He knows me, he knew how I was. I don't speak a lot, just keeping to myself.

When I go to the pitch, it's all about the team. No selfishness, play with the teammates. Even if I don't like someone, I'm going to pass him the ball if he's in a better position to score.

With Keano, I like him a lot because he was on the pitch, on the pitch, everywhere. He was there for the team, for teammates, joking around. When he needed to be serious, he was.

I cannot say we were speaking constantly but sometimes good players do not need to speak - you just click. I knew where he was, he knew where I was. We were just working great.

Berbatov compared his and Keane's partnership to that of Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole at Man Utd.

I was watching Andy Cole the other day on a programme and they were asking him about Dwight Yorke. He said, 'Good players, we didn't work, we just clicked.' It was the same with me and Robbie, we just clicked. We just knew how to play with each other.

Dimitar Berbatov on Robbie Keane

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