Dimitar Berbatov's BT Sport Punditry Debut Was As Elegant As His First-Touch

Dimitar Berbatov's BT Sport Punditry Debut Was As Elegant As His First-Touch

Dimitar Berbatov is a man who divides opinion for reasons that are not his fault.

On one hand, you've got people who absolutely love him, drool over some of his touches and moments of skill, and hold him as an example of one of the coolest players ever to play the game... On the other hand, you've got those who don't understand why the other group love him so much.

We've tackled that issue before, here: The Mystique Of Dimitar Berbatov - How Was Such A Languid Player So Well Loved?

But last night Berbatov was being talked about once again as he made his punditry debut on BT Sport.

The former Manchester United and Spurs man was on hand to give his views on Juventus vs AS Monaco, and aside from his delightful pronunciation of Dani Alves' name which would have raised a smile on George Hamilton's face, he made several good points such as this one, regarding the future of Kylian Mbappe:

Alongside Rio Ferdinand and Glenn Hoddle, Berbatov casually chimed in wherever he felt comfortable, and the reception to his punditry debut was received really well.


Although, it does seem like most people could have been watching on mute and they still would have been happy to just look at Dimitar Berbatov for half-an-hour.



A classy, classy man is Dimitar Berbatov. His ability to rock the absolute shit out of a suit no doubt helped. We'd be happy to see more of him in the role going forward.

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Mikey Traynor

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