We Tried To Win The World Cup With Ireland On FIFA – Here's What Happened

We Tried To Win The World Cup With Ireland On FIFA – Here's What Happened

Here it is, quite possibly what we're most proud of in the history of Pure and utter nonsense but glorious all the same. And we're going to try and replicate it for the Euro 2016. Watch this space but for now, sit back, allow the tears to flow and just think of the montages that will be created when you show Europe what we're made of this summer.

So rumour has it it Ireland didn't qualify for the World Cup but the rumour ain't true! We were truly amazed to discover Ireland will actually play in Brazil.

Yes, we at Balls looked into our crystal orb and can now exclusively predict what is going to happen over the course of the next month. You see, FIFA will finally take pity on us over the whole Thierry Henry thing and Ireland will be given a place in this year's World Cup at the expense of Iran because, well, no one cares about Iran.

We get into the tournament on the condition  that Giovanni Trapattoni is reappointed manager and we're now delighted to bring you  full footage of the World Cup journey Ireland will embark on; goals, tears, celebrations and all!

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