Video: Dusseldorf Fans Make Own Player Cry

Video: Dusseldorf Fans Make Own Player Cry

Fortuna Dusseldorf defender Tobias Levels was forced into tears on Friday night by his own fans. In the 75th minute of a 2.Bundesliga game against 1860 Munich, a mistake by Levels resulted in the visitors taking the lead. For the remaining 15 minutes of the game, the defender was subjected to the constant chanting of "Levels raus" [Levels out].

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The abuse of Levels was not all based on this one error however. He had made a similar mistake in a cup game earlier last week, and his previous captaincy of local rivals Borussia Monchengladbach had never totally endeared him to the Fortuna Dusseldorf faithful.

By the end of Friday's game, Levels was on the bench, where he began to well up. After the game the home fans had seen the error of their ways and began to chant the player's name favourably, as seen in the video below.

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