Watch: Dutch Fans Target Opposition Players In All-Out Brawl

Watch: Dutch Fans Target Opposition Players In All-Out Brawl

One game took place today in the second tier of Dutch football. Go Ahead Eagles hosted De Graafschap and were roundly trounced in their 4-0 defeat.

Teetering around the bottom of the Jupiler League, De Graafschap by comparison welcomed the three points as they strengthen their attempts at regaining a place in the top tier.

Yet, all of this is incidental compared to the scenes that erupted as the match came to a close.

Clearly disgruntled with the result - and some extenuating circumstances that Go Ahead Eagles have referenced in a statement on their website - fans of the home team rushed the pitch, taking the opposition players as their primary target.

Although such stupidity is never to be celebrated, it is nonetheless quite funny how ruthlessly those that did make their way onto the pitch were shut down by De Graafschap players and officials alike.

A video well worth watching through in it's entirety, Go Ahead Eagles are said to be "deeply ashamed" of the scenes that developed in their stadium.


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Arthur James O'Dea

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