Eamon Dunphy The Victim Of Fake News With Fred Story

Eamon Dunphy The Victim Of Fake News With Fred Story

It appears that Eamon Dunphy may need to brush up on his fact checking skills, or at least stop taking Liam Brady's e-mails as gospel.

On Tuesday's episode of his podcast the Stand, Dunphy was joined by Dietmar Hamann and John Giles where the topic of Man United's summer business was called into question, in particular their purchase of Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk.

Granted, the Brazilian has not had the desired impact at Old Trafford as of yet, and has been on the fringes of the squad for much of the season.

In the course of the discussion Dunphy outlined a 'story' around Fred's arrival from Ukraine

There's an amazing story that appeared, I don't know if you guys, Liam Brady actually mailed it to me.

One of the guys in a high position in Shakhtar Donetsk said that Fred wanted to get away and they were hoping to get somewhere between 20-25 million for him and all of a sudden United came in and offered €60 million and they all burst out laughing and said 'on with you!' They're still laughing.

Didi Hamann then seemed to corroborate Dunphy's version of event's, revealing that it was Fred's old manager Paulo Fonseca who was amazed at United's interest in the midfielder:

I read the story it's been a few days or a few weeks ago, the manager Fonseca said he couldn't believe that they made an offer, that they would have taken him in a wheelbarrow, when the offer came in. It begs the question; who values these players?


So to recap, United's transfer methods leave a lot to be desired... only, after doing some digging it doesn't appear that  that story even happened.

The only thing I found that could be the reference for Dunphy is a tweet from a Liverpool fan with a pixely statement with no apparent author which seems to be the source material for Dunphy's story.

So we have no author, no other news outlet has done the story, and the only place we've found it is on a Liverpool fan's Twitter account.

Liam Brady has a lot to answer for.

You can listen to The Stand here. The Fred story happens around the 23 minute mark.

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