Eamon Dunphy Sickened By McGregor Inclusion On The RTE Sportsperson Of The Year List

Eamon Dunphy Sickened By McGregor Inclusion On The RTE Sportsperson Of The Year List

After the launch of his podcast The Stand last week, Eamon Dunphy has courted controversy yet again in his column today for the Irish Daily Star

With the RTE Sportsperson of the Year nominee list being released last week, the RTE Pundit has taken a minor risk by criticising his employers.

After their 'heroics' in France, Dunphy seems upset that the nominee list contains none of the Irish international soccer team.

The photograph of Robbie Brady, celebrating with his fiancee, family and friends in the crowd is one of the most enduring sporting images of 2016.

And I can't understand why RTE haven't given the nod to Brady in the list for their sportsperson award.

The pundit recognises that Daryl Horgan is deservedly included. But he thinks that the Dundalk star was put in to appease the soccer fans in the country.

He later takes a swing at a Notorious presence on the list. He feels the nomination of Conor McGregor rather than Robbie Brady is 'shameful'.


As for playing to the gallery... just look at the presence of Conor McGregor on the list.

He's more a celebrity than a sportsperson. I've watched a few MMA fights and I struggle to class it as a sport.

Including McGregor and ignoring Irish footballers - especially Brady - is ludicrous. It is shameful and daft.

Dunphy has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to his thoughts. But to go after the biggest Irish sports star in the world right now? RTE may not be the only ones that are daft.

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