Emerson Reveals How Chelsea WhatsApp Group Hammered Home Hazard Departure

Emerson Reveals How Chelsea WhatsApp Group Hammered Home Hazard Departure

It may be a bit annoying at times, but you can't really avoid WhatsApp. We are all part of a few groups, be it with friends or sports teams.

It is a handy way to keep in touch with people, even if the constant notifications can get a bit irritating. It is especially bad when you are added into a group you don't want to be in in the first place.

While WhatsApp has become a staple of teams here in Ireland, professional outfits are no different. There is certainly a different dynamic when it is a bunch of millionaire footballers in the group, in comparison to a local GAA team.

One of the more interesting aspects of those groups would be when it comes to player transfers. Do players linger in the chat for a while, or do they leave the second they sign on the dotted line?

Well, wonder no more.


Speaking to ESPN Brasil, Chelsea defender Emerson revealed how Eden Hazard leaving the club WhatsApp group really drove home his move to Real Madrid for the rest of the squad.

On the Whatsapp’s group, the last move there was Hazard’s farewell. He said goodbye to the boys and such, since then, we don’t know anything else.

It’s weird. He sent a ‘thank you, I love you guys’, and then it showed ‘Eden Hazard left the group’.

I said damn, he really left.

No messing from Eden there, he didn't even wait to see their replies!

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