El Chiringuito's Reaction To Real Madrid Drawing PSG Was Amazing

El Chiringuito's Reaction To Real Madrid Drawing PSG Was Amazing

Today's Champions League draw was a farce.

UEFA made a complete mess of the process, meaning a second draw was required to take place three hours after the original.

Of course, this suited some teams better than other. The likes of Manchester United and Atletico Madrid will be delighted with this switch, with those two teams now facing each other as opposed to PSG and Bayern Munich respectively.

However, none will be more peeved with the outcome than Real Madrid.

Having originally been drawn to face Benfica, they will instead come head to head with PSG. For all of the French side's problems, along with Chelsea they were still the most difficult unseeded team remaining in the competition.

We can only imagine what Florentino Pérez's reaction to the whole situation was.

Luckily for us, we know exactly how El Chiringuito took it.


The Spanish show has become infamous in recent years for their completely over-the-top takes on all things related to Los Blancos and this would be no different.

There would be a mix of joy and consternation among those in the studio, unsurprisingly split directly down the split Barcelona-Madrid allegiances of those present.


We can only imagine how they will react if Lionel Messi ends up dumping Real Madrid out of the competition in the new year.

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