Idris Elba Narrates The Brilliant New Trailer For FIFA 15

Idris Elba Narrates The Brilliant New Trailer For FIFA 15

The trailer for FIFA 15 has just been released and it looks quite promising, the dulcet tones of Idris Elba (from classics such as,The Wire and Pacific Rim) narrate the promo, which is pretty slick. Exactly what you'd expect from EA as they attempt to flog the latest edition of their massively popular game. But as you will already know, you can't play a trailer.

A whole new set of features have been apparently introduced, and we like the sound of the emotion feature; where players will interact with each-other based on in-game events. Expect David Meyler to be dolling out abuse if Shane Long keeps missing sitters.

Other enhancements include improved tackling, fan reactions, pitch-wear and animation upgrades. All-in-all we're looking forward to the new game, but sincerely hope it isn't just a re-hashed version of the last two; with a few new jerseys and slightly more mobile crowd.


We at recently attempted to win the World Cup playing with Ireland on FIFA 14, we're not going to tell you how we did in case you haven't seen it yet. However, what we will say is that we are looking forward to beginning the journey again, this time on an upgraded platform.

Cathal Austin

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