FIFA 16 Release Date: What We Know About The Game So Far

FIFA 16 Release Date: What We Know About The Game So Far

It's now just 2 weeks until FIFA 16 finally hits shelves on September 22nd and with that in mind we decided to delve a little deeper into all the innovative new features set to be introduced. We have been eagerly awaiting the FIFA 16 release date for weeks now as was made clear by our review of the FIFA 16 demo a couple of days ago.

We took a look at the finer details of the largely improved gameplay in that review; here we are going to take a closer look at the major new features and improvements on offer ahead of the impending FIFA 16 release date.

FIFA 16 Career Mode

The much loved career mode has been improved with two new, fan requested features.

  1. Pre-season tournaments: Now you can take your team on tour before the season begins. There are 9 possible tournaments that you can be invited to and they cover North and Latin America as well as Asia. This gives managers the chance to use unlimited subs and test out formations. It also potentially means an increased transfer budget because tournament winnings go straight into your transfer kitty.
  2. Player training: It's all getting very 'football manager'! Now you can focus training on particular players to improve certain attributes via training drills. So, you can focus on further improving your starting eleven or you can give youth a chance and build for the future.

There is also more flexibility with loans, you can sign free agents outside of the transfer window and all aspects of transfers, from values to how realistic a signing is, have all been improved to be more realistic.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft


This new aspect of Ultimate Team in FIFA 16 is best described through the video below. Essentially you choose a captain and then are given 5 options to choose from for each position on the pitch. You can choose the best player each time but you need to be careful because you need to be wary of team chemistry, too.

You then take your team and compete with other teams in a 4 match series with various prizes on offer. It will cost you 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points, or 1 Draft Token (available in FUT packs) to enter but you're guaranteed your entry fee back at least. Even if you lose your first match.

Other Features

A few more reasons why we're sweating waiting for the FIFA 16 release date!

  1. Women's teams have been added. 12 national teams to be exact and unfortunately Ireland are not one of them.
  2. There are now 9 different options for weather conditions as well as more kick off times to choose from.
  3. The world famous vanishing spray has made it into FIFA 16! Encroaching will not be tolerated.

    Image courtesy of EA Sports
  4. There will be improvements to commentary both in-match and throughout the season to create a more realistic experience. Also, 900 fan chants are included from all over the world. Now that is impressive.

Only 15 days to go until the FIFA 16 release date, people! Go download the demo to satisfy your cravings until the 25th finally rolls around.

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