FIFA 19 Will Feature A New Commentary Team And, Finally, The Champions League

FIFA 19 Will Feature A New Commentary Team And, Finally, The Champions League

If you're a FIFA fan (the game, obviously, not the laughable governing body) then we have some good news - EA Sports have lifted the lid on what to expect in the next installment of the game.

They have teased a couple of FIFA 19 new features in an interview with FourFourTwo, with the headline new feature the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League. Pro Evo have had the rights to name the Champions League up to now, with FIFA making do with the generic 'Champions Cup'.

FIFA have snaffled the rights from their rival now, however, with EA's executive producer Aaron McHardy telling FourFourTwo that "this has been one of our fanbase’s most requested features for over a decade, and for us it’s so much more than a licence".

The new game will also feature the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

Elsewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo will remain on the front cover, while there haven't been any details yet on which teams have been added to this game.

There is one other big change, however: the game has a pair of new commentators. Venerable Sky Sports duo Martin Tyler and Alan Smith haven't been kicked out altogether, but the European games will be voiced by Derk Rae and Lee Dixon, much like Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend voiced the international games a few FIFAs back.

Dixon is recognisable from his punditry with ITV, while you may recognise Rae from his work with BT Sport and ESPN.


Here he is voicing a weird ESPN ad:

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28th.

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