Florentino Perez Is Back On The Super League Nonsense Once Again

Florentino Perez Is Back On The Super League Nonsense Once Again

Florentino Perez is once again flogging the dead horse of the European Super League, with the Real Madrid president saying that the concept is the fairest option for the future of European football.

Perez, along with the Glazers of Manchester United and Andrea Agnelli, was one of the ringleaders of the doomed project when it was presented to the world in April - and he's evidently still set on the idea, given his recent comments.

Florentino Perez insists Super League is fairest option

Florentino Perez is well known in European football for bankrolling Real Madrid's multiple eras of "Galactico" teams. The mid-2000s saw an extraordinary wealth of talent arrive at the Spanish club, and his return as president in 2009 brought with it a new era, with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka within his first few months in charge.

Perhaps the most memorable act of his tenure at Real, however, has been his leading role in the Super League's inception this spring.

Despite his dedication to big money transfers that smaller clubs couldn't even have dreamt of pulling off, Perez has now come out and suggested that the concept of the Super League is the fairest option - and appeared to call out Manchester City and PSG with his comments on clubs backed by state bodies.

Speaking at a Real Madrid general assembly on Saturday, Perez said:


It is a project that will at last implement financial controls which are strictly respected and prevent the increasing proliferation of unacceptable situations in which clubs receive indiscriminate financial support from states or other sources.

Keeping in mind that this is a man who backed a bid in excess of €200million for Kylian Mbappé over the summer, we're going to take his comments on financial fair play with a pinch of salt.

He also went on to criticise UEFA's reaction to the saga - saying that their public shaming of Juventus president Agnelli was unacceptable.

Clubs were threatened with sanctions unbefitting the rule of law and club presidents were insulted. How is it possible for the UEFA president to publicly insult the president of Juventus, one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs, with words I am incapable of pronouncing here?

The pressure and threats exerted by UEFA reached such an extreme that nine of the 12 clubs had to publicly announce their will to withdraw from the project regardless of the binding commitments they had signed and which could not be legally broken.

Florentino Perez has many things in mind with Real Madrid, but the best intentions of European football are almost certainly not one of them.

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