Footballers Point Finger Back At Tories Over Wage Cut Demands

Footballers Point Finger Back At Tories Over Wage Cut Demands

Have a look at this video featuring Liverpool keeper Allison. Marvel at the size of his house. It's larger than most building in Ireland.

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Allison working wonders at home!

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We've been told we all have a part to play in fighting the coronavirus. In the UK, the Tory government, who've overseen years and years of cuts to the NHS have zeroed in on Premier League footballers are a subset of people who need to do more than they're already doing.

The lockdown has given us a real insight into the lavish homes of many footballers. Perhaps that accounts for the increased focus on how Premier League clubs manage staff cuts in the wake of Covid-19. Earlier in the week, UK MP Julian Knight criticised Tottenham for furloughing staff without requesting wage cuts from players.

"Furloughing staff is essential for smaller clubs but the big boys of the Premier League should be looking to come to a fair arrangement with their stars before they go cap in hand to the taxpayer."


His colleague Steve Brine also weighed in on the subject: "Wealthy football clubs MUST NOT be allowed to take public funds to furlough staff while still paying players big bucks."

The UK's health minister yesterday Matt Hancock joined in yesterday and asked Premier League players to 'play your part'.

Footballers are an interesting scapegoat as the UK copes with Covid-19. I think everyone in society would agree that footballers are played too much money for what they do and that nurses should be paid far, far more than they get. However, it's not Allison's fault that people pay him enough to live in a palace. If the UK government truly valued its health service, it might have invested more in it over the last decade or so.

Footballers of all stripes were quick to point the finger back at the Tories after Hancock's address.




The tweet from Neville gives an indication that some kind of announcement is on its way from Premier League players in relations to pay cuts. The real question is will the billionaires who own these clubs be pressured to make similar contributions?

I mean, even Neymar is doing good deeds.

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