Frank Lampard Was Baffled By FIFA's Decision To Give Leeds 'Fair Play' Award

Frank Lampard Was Baffled By FIFA's Decision To Give Leeds 'Fair Play' Award

Spygate was one of the most bizarre controversies in English football in recent years, with Leeds' unsportsmanlike surveillance tactics a major point of contention. Derby were certainly unhappy and you could understand why.

Marcelo Bielsa took responsibility for the incident, but admitted that he didn't really see the problem with it. That's why the award he received earlier this week was so surprising.

Bielsa and Leeds were handed the FIFA Fair Play award for their conduct in their clash against Aston Villa, where they allowed the opposition to score after Leeds had taken the lead while a Villa player was down injured.

The decision to give Leeds the gong was met with some raised eyebrows considering their involvement in the spygate controversy.

Frank Lampard was certainly surprised. The former Derby boss was asked how he reacted when he heard the news and he admitted it was a bit of a shock.


I did smile. Do we know who votes for these things?

What happened with Spygate was very well documented, and then they got fined, the rules changed slightly because of it, I felt it was improper.

To get a fair play award off the back of that is...I thought it was irony at first. It was a strange decision for them to win that.

I think everyone had the same reaction (to the fair play award), to be fair, because a lot of news was put to Spygate.

And I think quite rightly so and it got dealt with in the right way, so when you go and give an award for fair play in the same year then I don't think it's right.

To be fair, he probably has a point.

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