Frank Lampard Really Enjoyed Chelsea's 4-2 Win Over Tottenham Yesterday

Frank Lampard Really Enjoyed Chelsea's 4-2 Win Over Tottenham Yesterday

There's a quote that goes around the footballing world whenever Spurs come up against Chelsea.

It is always bad to lose to Tottenham, because they make DVDs of it for the next ten years.

The quote is attributed to Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. We don't know if this was his only motivation, but did seem to score an awful lot against Tottenham - including this magnificent free kick in the FA Cup semi final when Chelsea thumped them 5-1.

Yesterday, he was in the studio at Wembley doing punditry with the BBC for another semi final between the two clubs, and he didn't hold back in showing his jubilation after the 4-2 victory for his former club. So much so, he was even spotted indulging in some good natured goading of Spurs fans after the game. Channeling his inner Theo Walcott, Lampard responded to a few chants with a simple flash of his fingers.


We're not sure what it is about Spurs fans that seems to illicit this kind of response from opposition rivals.

Later on, Lampard posted a video on his snapchat of his car getting mobbed by delirious Blues.

Lampard won four FA Cup medals during his thirteen year Chelsea career. Antonio Conte's side await the winners of today's semi final between Arsenal and Manchester City on the 27th of May.

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