Fulham Launch Strange Attack On Liverpool Over Treatment Of Hodgson

Fulham Launch Strange Attack On Liverpool Over Treatment Of Hodgson

While Liverpool are in the midst of title race and attempting to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, they have been dragged into one of the stranger squabbles we've seen in the world of football in a long time. That squabble is over their treatment of Roy Hodgson eight years ago.

Fulham's matchday programme from last Sunday's West London derby against Chelsea includes a regular section called "The List", in which they reflect on three people who would have been better served not leaving the club.

One of the names mentioned by the "The List" was Roy Hodgson, who departed the Cottagers for Liverpool in the summer of 2010. Hodgson was only in charge at Anfield for six months before departing the club by mutual consent.

Hodgson's time in charge of Liverpool was heavily criticised by pundits and supporters, with the club languishing in the bottom half of the table.

Perhaps in an effort to stoke the flames ahead of their clash hugely important clash in a few weeks time, Fulham decided that a presumably tongue-in-cheek takedown of Liverpool Football Club, their supporters and the clubs greatest ever player was the way to go.

He was given a frosty reception on his subsequent appointment at Liverpool, with fans being unmoved by his success with smaller provincial clubs like Inter Milan.

Realising that Roy was not going to win the league immediately and angered by his failure to buy the world's best players, who would obviously jump at the chance to sign for the team that had dominated Europe a mere three decades earlier, fans quickly lost patience.

This strange tirade only continued, with Fulham throwing in plenty of references to Back to the Future as they referenced Kenny Dalglish return to the club as Hodgson's replacement.


Demonstrating the cool-headed pragmatism that has endeared them to the footballing public, the Liverpool faithful demanded Roy's replacement be an exciting young manager befitting the club's stature.

Setting the time circuits to 1991, the club's executives piled into the waiting DeLorean and floored it to '88, returning with a fresh-faced and energetic Kenny Dalglish, ready to usher in a new era of dominance spearheaded by future club legend Andy Carroll, a shrewd purchase at just £35m.

Unfortunately, however, Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney recovered the time machine, went back to 1991, stole the Sports Almanac and brutally laid out Jan Molby at the 'Enchantment Under the Sea' dance.

This left the club with no option but to drag present day Kenny out of the pub and into the dugout, skewing the timeline and culminating in an underwhelming eight-place finish and Kenny's departure (again).

Well that got really weird, really fast, with at least five references to Back to the Future. Unsurprisingly, Fulham's attempt at #bantz hasn't gone down well with the Liverpool faithful.

It's probably unlikely that Jurgen Klopp will use this bizarre article in his pre-match speech to gee up the troops ahead of their clash at Craven Cottage on March 17th, but the Liverpool manager will be in desperate need of all three points if they want to keep pace with leaders Manchester City.

For Fulham and caretaker boss Scott Parker, it looks like a return to the Championship is on the cards, after only one season back in the top flight.

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Evan Coughlan

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