Further Details About Manchester Derby Tunnel Scrap Have Emerged

Further Details About Manchester Derby Tunnel Scrap Have Emerged

What was initially reported as a 20-man fight has expanded to 30-man 'rugby-type scrum' in some of today's papers. Though, numbers do vary.

In particular, the Daily Mail's Simon Jones has provided further details about the scrap in the Old Trafford tunnel which followed Sunday's Manchester derby.

The incident was sparked when Jose Mourinho marched to the Man City dressing room to request that celebrations, which included the loud playing of music, be toned down. A source told The Guardian that "the walls were shaking" from the volume of the music. Mourinho apparently told the Man City dressing room, "You have no respect."

An argument between Mourinho and City keeper Ederson then began when Mourinho swore at the Brazilian. The Guardian reported on Sunday that the Man Utd manager said: "You show some fucking respect. Who are you?"

Mourinho was then squirted with water and struck by a plastic bottle thrown from inside the Man City dressing room. The 54-year-old is said to have "went absolutely ballistic when the bottle hit him" according to a Mail source, adding "There was steam coming out of his ears, and then everyone waded in."

It was around this point that a carton of milk was thrown in Mourinho's direction. It apparently missed, hit a wall and then splatter on a member of the Man Utd staff.

A Man Utd staff member then relayed word of Mourinho being hit to the home dressing room, saying "The gaffer has been hit by a bottle." Players - and this is the best detail - including a "marauding bare-chested Marco Rojo" made their way to defend their manager. Others, including an "enraged" Antonio Valencia, Ander Herrera, Marcus Rashford, Axel Tuanzebe and Luke Shaw followed the Argentinian.


According to The Telegraph, Romelu Lukaku was also present, standing behind his manager looking like "a second row rugby player".

Man City players, including Vincent Kompany and Nicolas Otamendi, then clashed with opposition players in the tunnel. Punches were thrown with one being landed on City midfielder Fernandinho.

Around this point, Mikel Arteta sustained a cut to his eyebrow. Details of how it happened vary. The Telegraph say that he was pushed against a wall or door. According to The Times, he was struck by an "isotonic sports bottle" thrown into the City dressing room.

A calmer head than many of those around him, Michael Carrick attempted to break up the melee. It is said to have lasted no more than two minutes.

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