Gareth Bale Admits He Doesn't Know Who The British Prime Minister Is

Gareth Bale Admits He Doesn't Know Who The British Prime Minister Is

Gareth Bale has gained a certain reputation since his move to Real Madrid. When things were going poorly at the club last season, his teammates were said to have grown tired with his lack of integration into the squad.

Despite being at the club since 2013, it is rumoured that he has done very little to fit into life in Madrid. He speaks little to no Spanish, mixing very little time with the other players and preferring to spend most of his free time on the golf course.

Even though he is not all that involved in the local community in Spain, it appears that he doesn't really keep up with the ongoings in his home country either.

In an interview published in The Telegraph this morning, Bale admitted that he doesn't follow what is happening with Brexit. In fact, he doesn't even know who the current prime minister is:

I look in terms of stuff financially, if Brexit affects me in a certain way for money or investments, but I don't read the rest of the nonsense.

I genuinely don't know 99 per cent of Brexit.

I don't even know the prime minister is any more...

Well, there we go. I didn't know that.I thought he was the mayor?

I can't have a say in it so I'm not interested. I follow the golf, that's about it. I can tell you who's number one in the world.


Maybe his teammates were right about the golf thing?

To be fair, the whole Brexit thing is a real bore at this stage. We would like to be able to avoid a lot more and fair play to Bale for managing it.

Not knowing who the prime minister is is a bit mad, but we suspect his life is all the better for not having to listen to Boris Johnson every day.

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Gary Connaughton

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