Watch: Gary Lineker's Bizarre Indian Bus Driver Impression

Watch: Gary Lineker's Bizarre Indian Bus Driver Impression

The Gary Lineker Indian bus driver impression is one of the best moments in 'Late Late Show' history.

Gary Lineker has carved out quite the post-football career for himself. His confidence on a pitch when banging in goals for Spurs (and pooing his pants against Ireland) has extended to whenever he's presenting in front of a camera. Lineker has become the face of 'Match of the Day' and has gone on to front BT's Champions League coverage. He possesses a cool head, a witty persona and a corny charm.

And also an ability to do a fine (if slightly offensive) impression of an Indian bus driver.

Now we are aware that, courtesy of the ever-reliable KillianM2 (whose Youtube channel is a wonder to behold), we are bringing up footage from the slightly less PC-friendly world of 2000, when Lineker appeared on the 'Late Late Show'. It is unlikely Lineker would do the same if joining Ryan Tubridy on the 'Late Late' this year.

Lineker is talking about himself and former Spurs team-mate Gazza's antics back in the day.


(H/T: @KillianM2)

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