Gary Neville Has Absolutely Slated The Prospect Of A European Super League

Gary Neville Has Absolutely Slated The Prospect Of A European Super League

Who is actually in favour of a European Super League?

It seems that every fan, pundit, or journalist you ask will tell you they think the whole thing is a terrible idea, but that hasn't stopped top clubs around the continent pursuing it.

News broke today that 12 clubs in Europe, including six from the Premier League, have signed up to take part in a new European Super League.

To do so would put them in direct opposition to the likes of UEFA and FIFA, all of whom have said such a breakaway competition would have far reaching consequences for the teams and players involved.

It would be one thing if this idea had widespread support from fans, but nobody wants to see it brought in. It is purely a money making exercise for these clubs, who are putting the bottom line above all else. Not that such a thing should come as a surprise.

It would also be a massive blow to all teams who are not invited to take part, with the already widening gap between the richest clubs and the rest of the chasing pack becoming truly insurmountable.

Gary Neville was on commentary duty on Sky Sports for Manchester United vs Burnley when the news broke of the league and he certainly didn't hold back on making his opinion known.


He even went as far as to say the Premier League teams involved should be handed a points deduction.

I’m not against the modernisation of football competitions. We have the Premier League, we have the Champions League, I don’t think anyone can deny.

But I think to bring forward proposals in the midst of Covid, in the midst of the economic crisis, is an absolute scandal.

United, and the rest of the ‘Big Six’ clubs that have signed up to it, against the rest of the Premier League, should be ashamed of themselves...

European super league. Are Arsenal in that? They've just drawn with Fulham. And Manchester United are drawing with Burnley.

They should deduct all top six teams point. To do it in the season - it's a joke.

Neville is far from the only onlooker to hold that opinion.

Roy Keane labelled the motivations of those clubs as 'pure greed', while the online reaction was also predictable.



We are sure to hear plenty more debate surrounding this issue in the coming days and weeks.

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