Gary Neville Has Real Worries About Man Utd's Summer Transfer Dealings

Gary Neville Has Real Worries About Man Utd's Summer Transfer Dealings

Gary Neville has called it a "shambles" that former Manchester United players without experience of a similar role are being considered for the role of technical director at the club.

United are expected to appoint a technical director this summer. The remit will include orchestrating the club's transfer deals. Rio Ferdinand and Mike Phelan are among those to have been linked with the job.

"How can it be that four players that have never been businessmen, never been sporting directors, are put forward for this amazingly difficult role at the most difficult time at the biggest club in the world? It's a shambles," said Neville on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football.

Neville believes that Ed Woodward's future at the club should be solely business-oriented and that a different structure should be installed. This would be part of a drive to improve cultural problems which he believes have developed in recent years.

The former Manchester United player has real worries about who will be making decisions regarding the coming and going of players at Old Trafford this summer.

"They've been played in the transfer market time and time again," said Neville.

"Football clubs are about performance and delivering on the pitch. If you've not delivered on the pitch for five, six, seven years, there's a point where you've got to say, 'Hang on a second, it can't just keep being the coach'. People above that will have to step aside and move into a different role.


"There is a cultural problem at the football club. There is a cultural problem, it's deep. The decisions are bad, the choices are poor.

"Who is signing the players this summer? Every other football club in this country I could tell you who is in charge of signings. I haven't got a clue at Manchester United.

"They've still got Sir Alex's chief scout, they've still got Louis Van Gaal's scout there, they've still got David Moyes' chief football operator there.

"They've got four or five people there - I think there's another guy there who has been appointed by the CEO.

"You've got four or five people in charge of recruitment, you've got the head coach who'll have an opinion on recruitment, the CEO will have an opinion, who is in charge? Who has the final say?

"Jose Mourinho, last summer, was told his signings that he wanted were not right. Who is telling Jose Mourinho that his signings are not right at the football club? Who is qualified?"

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