Gary Neville: Pogba 'Dancing On The Grave' Of Jose Mourinho

Gary Neville: Pogba 'Dancing On The Grave' Of Jose Mourinho

Gary Neville has chastised Paul Pogba for his ill-advised Instagram post in the wake of Jose Mourinho's sacking from Manchester United.

Pogba posted a picture of himself with a raised eyebrow with the caption 'caption this', prompting scorn from fans who saw it as a cheap shot at his outgoing boss.

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The deterioration of the relationship between the Frenchman and Mourinho was a constant theme of United's downturn under the Portugese and although Adidas claimed the post was part of a scheduled marketing campaign.


However on Sky Sports show 'The Debate', Gary Neville called the excuse 'garbage':

There is probably a high level of dislike there, but Jose Mourinho lost his job this morning and Paul Pogba and his people put that post out - don't fall for this coincidence scheduled tweet nonsense, it's garbage, absolute garbage.

I think he would have liked to have gone public earlier on Jose, and how the club is at this moment in time. But on Jose's side, I bet he thought when Paul Pogba won the World Cup in the summer he was coming back to an impossible situation where he thought this player is going to be out of control now.

I do believe that dancing on the grave of the manager who has just been sacked is out of order. Paul Pogba, there is no doubt, has fallen out with the manager. He doesn't believe in him, he doesn't like him, he doesn't think he's a good coach probably, and vice-versa.

Jose Mourinho doesn't think Paul Pogba is as good a player as he thinks he is. There's been a complete breakdown in the last six months between the pair of them, probably the last year.

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