Germany Really Fucked This Galway Pub Over, Didn't They?

Germany Really Fucked This Galway Pub Over, Didn't They?

Bar owners around the country have a torrid time every four years trying to make their watering hole the go-to place to watch the World Cup. The Roisin Dubh in Galway had an enterprising idea to get punters in the door for the Germany v Brazil semi final last night. The bar reduced the price of a pint of Erdinger every time zee Germans found the net.

As you probably already know, this backfired a little bit as Germany managed to slot seven passed Julio Cesar. Unsurprisingly, the barmen in the Roisin Dubh were run off their feet trying to fill an unprecedented amount of orders for Erdinger at the low low price of 50c a pint.


While the pub may have taken a loss on the German beer last night, the promotion did wonders to advertise the bar, and also massively improve German-Irish relations. Ya, das ist gut!

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