Outstanding Gianluigi Buffon Save Didn't Hide PSG's Woeful Defending

Outstanding Gianluigi Buffon Save Didn't Hide PSG's Woeful Defending

It may still appear rather strange to see Gianluigi Buffon playing for a club side that isn't Juventus, but, if today's performance for Paris St. Germain is anything to go by, some things haven't changed.

Taking on Guingamp in the second round of matches in this year's Ligue 1, Paris St Germain have found themselves trailing 1-0 at the break.

However, were it not for Buffon, things could have been worse still. With the game deadlocked at 0-0, the Italian pulled off this fantastic reflex save to deny the home side their opener.

Although it is ever so slightly less fulfilling when Giorgio Chiellini is not nearby to revel in such celebrations, it was a fantastic stop all the same.

The opener came from Nolan Roux, and perhaps showed up something of what Buffon will be missing compared to the Juventus days; defensive stability.


Leaving the reigning Italian champions for their French equivalent in the summer, the 40-year-old 'keeper had spent seventeen years with Juventus in Turin.

A World Cup winner with Italy in 2006, Buffon's move to Paris unquestionably coincides with a professional desire to win the Champions League; the one glaring omission from a glittering career.

Given their ostentatious purchases of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe last season, it is clear that the French club are doing all they can to facilitate the same desires shared by Gianluigi Buffon.

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