'Mine Is Better, No?': Giroud Says Arsenal Teammates Preferred Mkhitaryan's Scorpion Kick

'Mine Is Better, No?': Giroud Says Arsenal Teammates Preferred Mkhitaryan's Scorpion Kick

Olivier Giroud described it as 'destiny' that both he and Manchester United's Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored scorpion kicks within a week of each other, but says his Arsenal teammates tried to convince him that the Armenian's was the better goal in the dressing room.

The 30-year-old Frenchman's stunning effort against Crystal Palace seemed to win the popular vote - even amongst most United fans - but in a Q&A with Soccer AM on Facebook, Giroud explained that his teammates were 'teasing' him following his goal at the Emirates.

Unsurprisingly, he also maintains that his was the better strike.

Actually [the Arsenal players] were teasing me, saying the Mkhitaryan one was better.

It is crazy that two similar goals have been scored, yeah, like, in one weekend. I don't know if I got inspired. It is destiny and he did well as well.

But I think mine is better, no?

Giroud will also have earned brownie points throughout the interview for referring to Arsenal as 'The Arsenal' - something which the club's Twitter account refuses to do, much to Gunners fans' ire.


He explained how winning the Premier League would mean more to him than winning the Champions League because of 'how seriously the English take it', and explained how his Ligue 1 title with Montpellier did little to satisfy his urge to win trophies at the highest level.

You know, when I first arrived at the club I had won the league with Montpellier but I came, I don't know how you say in English, on my toes. We say in French, 'sur la pointe des pieds'. It means you come in secret, a discreet way.

I had everything to prove at The Arsenal and I always try to improve myself. I have won trophies with this club and I feel very comfortable here so we wanted to carry on the very good adventure. And hopefully I can win some more trophies and we'll see about the Premier League.

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