Gonzalo Higuain Leaves The Pitch In Tears After Disastrous Night

Gonzalo Higuain Leaves The Pitch In Tears After Disastrous Night

A make-weight in Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus, AC Milan's Gonzalo Higuain has had a disastrous night against his old club.

Looking back on his time with the Italian champions, the Argentine striker would have reason to feel aggrieved at the manner in which he was deemed dispensable.

In two seasons with the club, Gonzalo Higuain managed about a goal every other game across his 100 or so appearances. Coming off the back of a record-breaking scoring spell with Napoli, were it not for the lingering presence of Ronaldo, it's hard to imagine the Old Lady would have let him go as easily; let alone to AC Milan.

Welcoming Juventus to Milan this evening, the former Real Madrid man had an opportunity to avenge the Turin club's decision to sell him. Unfortunately, it didn't quite pan out this way.

With Juventus taking a 1-0 lead early on, Gonzalo Higuain was offered a seemingly straight-forward opportunity to level things up. His penalty, however, would be well-saved from Wojciech Szczęsny.

Shortly after Ronaldo had put the champions 2-0 ahead, a coming-together between Higuain and Juventus' Medhi Benatia sparked an incident between the Argentine and the referee that would result in the former seeing a red-card.


None too pleased with how his evening had panned out, Higuain went from rage to inconsolable grief in no time at all.

When Higuain eventually decided to make his way off the pitch, Higuain remained distraught, wiping tears from his eyes.

Intriguingly, in the build up to tonight's game, AC Milan's Gennaro Gattuso highlighted the need for Higuain to keep his emotions in check.

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