Watch: Gordon Strachan Tells Bizarre Story About Signing Robbie Keane For Coventry

Watch: Gordon Strachan Tells Bizarre Story About Signing Robbie Keane For Coventry

Gordon Strachan and Robbie Keane were alongside each other on the Goals on Sunday couch this week - following up from Keano's appearance on Soccer AM yesterday - and Strachan, who signed Keane for Coventry from Wolves back in 1999, spoke glowingly about Keane.

The Scotland manager started off by telling a fairly bizarre story about the time he signed Keane:

I had a real virus and I was in my bed for about two days, I really was in a bad way...when I got past the two days I said to Lesley (his wife), 'I had a dream that the chairman phoned me and said, 'We're going to sign Robbie Keane.'

And she said, 'No, that's going to happen.' I went, 'Seriously?'

That's how it came about, I had nothing to do with it really. It was just in a dream.

It was amazing how dreams can come true.

Strachan then went on to outline Keane's talent as a youngster, saying how much of a coup it was for Coventry to land his signature:

It was a wonderful thing for the club. More so for the players who played with Robbie, because Robbie's got an incredible talent and humility about him. He wants to please his teammates and did that from the first day, that's for sure.

He did this (tricks) to big Paul Williams on his second day, and Richard Shaw who was the centre-half was actually clapping at the time and laughing at big Willo.

Robbie's kept that enthusiasm as a teenager all the way through his career, but still understanding that the team comes first.


Keane then returned the compliment to Strachan, emphasising how important he had been in instilling confidence in him as a young player.

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