Quinn And Souness Explain Major Difference Between Working On English And Irish TV

Quinn And Souness Explain Major Difference Between Working On English And Irish TV

There is more freedom working on Irish TV compared to Sky Sports according to Niall Quinn and Graeme Souness.

Both have been pundits on Sky and Virgin Media. Souness has also worked with RTÉ.

"We get a chance to talk an awful lot more on air, which is always helpful when you're trying to explain something; if you're rushed then maybe you won't explain it properly," said Souness at the launch of Virgin Media's Finals Week.

I enjoy working with the guys. We have a bit of banter. I think we all like each other but we can fall out with each other, which is healthy. Everyone in this room will have a different opinion about a particular incident in a game. We won't always agree with each other and that makes good television. We'll view it differently and that's how it should be.

Tommy [Martin] in the [presenter's] chair has just got better and better. He turns up most days with a bag of hand grenades and we all know one is coming our way sooner or later.

"With Sky, it's very structured," says Quinn.

"It's a colossal machine. It's like turning a big ship out of bay every time a programme comes along - there's so much that goes into it.

"Working for Virgin, we can hop in and out of various parts of the programmes that we do. I really enjoy it. I joked before that it's here and I don't have to fly but that's only a tiny bit of it.


"What I enjoy is that we're looking at European football and international football from new position as far as I'm concerned. I'm given license to broaden the topic or conversation.

"We have our differences, we have our arguments. We've already had a pen thrown at one stage this season. It's not all patting [each other] on the back stuff - it does get lively. I really enjoy going into work.

"You can play to your tune and if you're no good, people will get rid of you anyway. When I worked with Sky, it was structured and we were on message and on point at all times. It's just a different way of how TV is produced."

Graeme Souness and Niall Quinn were present at Virgin Media Television’s launch to celebrate Finals Week with live coverage of the UEFA Europa League Final & the UEFA Champions League Final. Virgin Media Television is the home of European Football this week with live coverage of the UEFA Europa League Final on Wednesday 29th May from 6.30pm on both Virgin Media Two & Virgin Media Sport and the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday 1st June from 6pm on Virgin Media One & Virgin Media Sport. Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

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